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Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is essential for any business or institution, and the expertise of professional janitorial cleaning services plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. In the dynamic and fast-paced world of today, businesses recognize the importance of presenting a pristine and organized space to clients, employees, and visitors alike. Whether it’s a corporate office, healthcare facility, educational institution, or any other commercial space, the demand for reliable janitorial services has never been higher. 

In this context, the significance of Green Clean Janitorial professional janitorial cleaning services cannot be overstated, as we contribute to a healthier, more productive, and visually appealing workspace.

Pros Of Choosing Professional Janitorial Cleaning Services

Choosing our professional janitorial cleaning services brings a multitude of advantages for businesses and institutions alike.


Accurate Quotes

Our professional janitorial cleaning services prioritize transparency and precision in providing estimates. Expect clear and detailed quotes tailored to your specific needs and the size of your space. We aim to eliminate surprises, ensuring that the cost of maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your business aligns with your expectations.

Online Appointment

We understand the value of your time and have made scheduling hassle-free with our user-friendly online platform. Embracing convenience, our janitorial cleaning services offer flexibility in booking. Easily manage and plan your facility maintenance by scheduling appointments at your convenience through our streamlined online system.

Eco-friendly Environment

In recognition of the growing importance of sustainability, our professional janitorial cleaning services prioritize eco-friendly practices. We use environmentally conscious cleaning methods and products to contribute to a healthier planet. By choosing our services, you not only maintain a pristine workspace but also make a positive impact on both your immediate surroundings and the broader environment.

Quality Products

The efficacy of our cleaning services relies on the use of top-notch, industry-approved products. We understand that the choice of cleaning agents directly influences the outcome of our services. Our commitment to quality ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning process. With our professional janitorial cleaning services, your space not only looks clean but is genuinely sanitized and hygienic.

24/7 Customer Support

At the core of our professional janitorial cleaning services is a dedication to customer satisfaction. We provide round-the-clock customer support, ready to address any queries, concerns, or emergent cleaning needs. Our commitment to excellent service extends beyond the cleaning itself. We aim to create a seamless and responsive experience for our clients, ensuring their peace of mind and trust in our services

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How Janitorial Cleaning Services Work

As the process unfolds, the seamless progression through the below given steps ensures a tailored and efficient janitorial cleaning experience. Our process is as easy as the blink of an eye.

Step 1: Request A Quote

The process of availing our janitorial cleaning services typically begins with the client initiating a request for a quote. This initial step involves communicating the cleaning requirements. Whether it’s a one-time deep cleaning or a recurring maintenance plan, detailing the scope of work during the quote request sets the foundation for a tailored and accurate cleaning service.

Step 2: Get Professional Measurements of Work Spaces

Upon receiving the request for a quote, our professional janitorial cleaning services involve an on-site visit to conduct precise measurements of the workspaces. This step ensures a thorough understanding of the size, layout, and specific cleaning needs of the environment. Accurate measurements enable us to offer a more precise quote and develop a customized cleaning plan that addresses the unique aspects of each space.

Step 3: Choose The Type Of Service

Clients are presented with a range of service options, allowing them to choose the type of janitorial cleaning service that best suits their needs. This step involves discussing the available service packages, customization options, and any specific preferences the client may have. Whether it’s general cleaning, specialized floor care, or targeted cleaning for specific areas, clients can select our service that aligns with their facility’s requirements and budget.

Step 4: Professional Janitorial Cleaning Services

Now, our trained and equipped cleaning personnel follow a systematic approach to ensure the execution of the cleaning plan. This may involve a combination of general cleaning, restroom and kitchen cleaning, floor care, and any additional services selected. The aim is to deliver a high standard of cleanliness, hygiene, and overall maintenance, contributing to a healthier and more pleasant environment for occupants.

Sustainable Products For Janitorial Cleaning Services

Our janitorial cleaning services pride themselves on the exclusive use of eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products, ensuring a commitment to both client well-being and environmental stewardship. From biodegradable detergents to non-toxic disinfectants, our product range prioritizes efficacy without compromising on ecological responsibility. The benefits are twofold – clients enjoy a pristine and hygienic space while contributing to a healthier planet. Reduced exposure to harmful chemicals enhances indoor air quality, and the conscientious choice of sustainable products minimizes environmental impact, aligning with our dedication to creating clean and environmentally responsible spaces.

Areas/Locations We Serve

Green Clean Janitorial Services currently span a diverse range of locations, encompassing major cities such as:

Detroit - Metro Office

Columbus Office

Cincinnati Office

Atlanta Office

Charlotte Office

Dallas/Ft. Worth

Akron OH Office

Austin TX Office

Cleveland Office

We diligently serve various sectors, including education, fitness facilities, and medical establishments in these regions. Committed to continuous growth and excellence, we are actively expanding our service reach to cater to additional areas in the future. As we expand, our mission remains steadfast – to provide exceptional janitorial cleaning services that promote cleanliness, hygiene, and well-being across an ever-expanding geographical landscape.

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All personnel within our Green Clean team are distinguished by their high level of professionalism, having received specialized training from Green Clean University

Green Clean University

Our Customer Reviews

Green Clean Janitorial has been a life saver. I had tried hiring a cleaning company before and the workers would never show up, or do an awful job. Green Clean Janitorial has been excellent. They always show up on time, do an amazing job, are really friendly and helpful…I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Jackson Harper

I have tried a couple of different office cleaning companies but Green Clean Janitorial is by far the best one. They are prompt, thorough and provide the most detailed cleaning I have ever seen. I am so glad that I found them and will continue to use their services.

Wyatt Carter

I’ve been with Green Clean for a while and I am very happy with the service. The team is incredibly responsive. We have some people in our office with allergies so, the best part is that they use eco-friendly cleaning products.

Michael William

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