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Every day hundreds of individuals go to the gym for fitness training. They lift weights and use gym equipment like treadmills, recumbent bikes, elliptical, and rowing machines to tone their bodies and get fit. They burn fat, sweat, and track around dirt. Hence, due to the high level of foot traffic and equipment sharing, fitness centers are unfortunately breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. For example, MRSA is a highly contagious staph bacteria type found commonly in gym environments.
At Green Clean Janitorial, we understand the cleaning demands of fitness centers. Therefore, we offer specialized fitness center cleaning services customized according to your requirements. We serve a wide range of health and fitness centers throughout Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas/Ft. Worth and Cleveland, including:

Comprehensive and Deep Cleaning

A Sparkling Clean and Bacteria-Free Fitness Center

We have been providing green cleaning services to the fitness industry for years with a commitment to health, the environment, and complete satisfaction. Over the years, our experts have perfected the method of keeping fitness facilities healthy, spotlessly clean, and safe from diseases. Combining our green cleaning products and techniques enables us to reduce bacteria commonly found in gyms and keep machinery sanitized and germ-free. .
Moreover, we know the importance of deep and comprehensive cleaning, especially for facilities like fitness centers. So, when you hire us, expect deep cleaning in every nook and cranny of your facility. We target all areas such as the main equipment room, locker room, lobby, reception, sauna room, and even reception desks.
Our cleaning techniques and products yield effective results. We deep clean, deodorize, sanitize, disinfect and use measures for odor control. Our goal is to ensure your customers feel comfortable and fresh as they enter the center instead of being repelled by an antiseptic or foul smell.

Professional and Experienced Cleaning Team

We rely on our Green Clean Janitorial team for exceptional cleaning services. Our team is licensed, well-trained, and insured. We are experts in cleaning all sizes of fitness centers while ensuring that every bit of it is cleaned to your satisfaction.
Our technicians are trained to use commercial-grade cleaning products. Plus, we have profound commercial cleaning and industry knowledge to get the job done right, with top-level skill. Therefore, you can be confident that your facility cleaning is in qualified hands.

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